Cory, Tiffany, Halle, Daxton, and Presley

Cory, Tiffany, Halle, Daxton, and Presley

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look what we woke up to!

WOW! 15 inches of fresh snow to shovel! In front of Cory is our driveway and the little lane behind him is our road. It hasn't stopped snowing in 2 days and it's still coming down. The kids are having a blast! Today is the first snow day Nebo School district has called in 30 years.

Yesterday was "dress up like an elf day" for Halle's kindergarten class. She looked so cute! (even though she wouldn't wear a real elf hat like the one I wanted for her. No, she chose the Santa hat with a princess tiara on top. She got a marriage proposal at school from a boy who dressed up like Santa though and thought it was so funny. He called her Mrs. Claus all day.)

Making gingerbread houses with the kids! We had such a fun time doing this - even though we couldn't get it to stand up straight for very long unless someone was holding it up. So we ended up eating the goods that night instead of letting them go hard and stale. (I forgot to put a picture of the completed house before we ate it, oops.)

Last week it snowed a little bit and I could NOT keep this boy in the house. He would go out back and play all day long. He loves it!

My sweet kids! I love them so much!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Halloween started off at our house on Thursday when both Halle and Daxton had their school Halloween parties. Daxton went all dressed up to pre-school as Spiderman (minus the mask) and Halle chose to be Alice in Wonderland. Later that day, Daxton and I got to watch Halle's school parade, which was fun to see so many people dressed up in costumes (parents, teachers, and students).

Classic Spiderman pose!

It was a very cold and windy day. Last year the parade was inside, so I didn't expect them to have to walk around outside. I didn't have Halle dressed very warm and she told me later that she froze the whole time. Poor thing.

Halloween morning (well, Saturday Oct. 30th) - We got the kids each a cute Halloween book and a few treats and fixed them a fun breakfast with pumpkin face pancakes. Unfortunately all of the kids got sick the night before and so were suffering from fevers, coughs and runny noses. So we decided to take it easy during the day.

Every time Daxton put on his Spiderman costume, Presley was all over him, giving him lots of loves and kisses. She must have a thing for Spiderman. It was so funny to watch. Thankfully Daxton loves being mauled.

Showing off his muscles is another favorite thing of his.

Sisters! Girls are so much fun to get dressed up. But it sure makes me appreciate being able to throw a mask over my little guy's head!
Getting ready to head out into the rainy/hail-stormy night.

Cory helped the kids carve their own pumpkins last week for FHE. They each chose the face they wanted. Daxton's is the spooky one in the back, Halle's is the happy one on the lower step, and Presley's is the goofy one on the top step.
Daxton getting ready to shoot his webs. Something I am dodging all day long.
We got about 3 houses into trick-or-treating when the rain and hail hit so hard we had to make a run for it. Once safely home, we put our Happy Halloween goody plates together and took a drive in the car, delivering our treats. By the time we got home, the hail had stopped and the rain lightened enough that we could finish out our neighborhood. But we kept it short and fast this year. The kids still had a blast and were good sports, even though they didn't feel well.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 Highlights!

Wow!!! I have a years worth of catching up to do, so even though this is backwords, I'm going to re-cap the highlights of 2010. This isn't all that's kept us busy this year, but many cherished memories have come about from these activities!

October 9th - We drove to Logan on my birthday because my nephew was being blessed the next day in church. So we went to the American West Farm and let the kids spend the day with cousins playing in the straw (not hay, apparently!). We had such a good time and the weather was Perfect for a fall day.

October - General Conference and my birthday!! (The big 32!) My parents came to stay with us and celebrate and we had a gorgeous weekend. Most of it was spent inside, but we enjoyed listening to so many fabulous talks, eating crepes, and visiting with each other. This has to be one of my most favorite weekends of the year!

September - Cory and I got to go to the play "Lion King"! It was wonderful. I was wishing the kids were there to enjoy it too. But thankfully Aunt Chelsea was able to watch them for the long night.

September - Spud break for Grandma Martin, so she came to visit for a few days. The kids LOVE it when grandma gets to have a sleep-over. We went to Trafalga one day and let the kids play on all the rides. The very first one Daxton went on was the Splash Boats. He got caught under a fountain and was completely drenched from head to toe. But what a good sport he was! I felt bad that I couldn't rescue him, but it didn't keep me from laughing the whole time.

September - EISF time!!! We love going home this time of year. Especially this year as the kids were able to ride in grandpa's barrel trains in the parade. My dad had them spiffied up so well, it was the cutest thing ever. The kids got to wear costumes to make it even more fun. Then we were to the fair to get some food and let the kids each do a few activities.

September - First day of pre-school for Daxton. He is with Miss Erica at Brainiacs and has loved it. It's finally HIS turn to go too!!!!

August - Halle's first day of Kindergarten. Oh, what a big girl she is getting. She went right in and was so excited! When she came home, she said "Mom, I'm practically an adult now, right?"

August - Presley turns 1!!!! I didn't get most of her b-day pics on the computer yet, (aauugh), but we had a fun day celebrating with her! She kind of started walking 4 days before her birthday, but still preferred to crawl, and then really took off the first week of September. Now she is the funniest, most playful, sneaky little girl ever. We love her to pieces!

August - Halle played on the Angel's girls soccer team this year and did AWESOME!! Cory and I were pretty much in shock at how well she handled the ball, as she is usually more into dressing up being a princess than an athlete. I think overall, she scored 6 or 7 goals this season. It was so fun to go watch her play games twice a week.

August - The second of 2 camping trips we took as a family this year. (The first one was our ward camp-out, no pics.) This time we went with our friends', the Schaffers, and experienced the scariest weather I have ever experienced being outside with no shelter. The wind and rain hit our tents so hard things were flying everywhere. It was crazy, but made for a very eventful weekend. Thankfully as we hunkered down, the kids didn't get too frightened and Cory and Brent kept most of our stuff safe.

July - Cory surprised me for our anniversary with a trip to our old stomping grounds! We left the kids for a weekend with gr and gr martin and headed to Jackson, Wyoming. In the background is our tree and we stayed at the good ol' Ranch Inn. Loved every minute of it!! This is the place I met my hubby 12 years ago. Now we've been married for 11. What a good man I have!

JuLy - Lilya family trip to Bear Lake and lagoon. It was so fun!!!! Halle also got her ears pierced, which she had been dying to do for a long time. She was so brave and didn't even cry.

June - Father's Day!

June - Halle and Daxton each took a class through the Sp Fk Youth Arts group. Halle loved her dance class and Daxton enjoyed a kinder-arts class each day for 2 weeks.

June - We started off the summer with a great trip to Red Fish Lake with the Martin family.
Even though it rained a lot, we still were able to fish, see some beautiful sights, and play around together. We got to stay in cute cabins, which made the trip very convenient!!! It was awesome to spend time with grandma and grandpa and cousins!

February - We took the most fun vacation ever to Disneyland!!!! We took a zillion pictures, but since I had so many to post of our year's events, I'm just putting 2 on here. We got to see my brother in Cali, too, which was great. We went with our neighbors friends and had a blast for a whole week.





2010 Family pics

2010 Family pics
The kids were troopers - it was 35 degrees outside during these pictures.